Day 3 – March 21, 2022

10:50 pm: All things considered: Today was a really great day. We learned two very important things.

1. Harvey’s body is responding to the treatments favorably and as expected thus far. If I pretend like I know what I’m talking about for just a moment, I recall hearing that some of the proteins found (around one of the types of cells) were a bit abnormal. Sometimes this is an indication that the treatment may be difficult or will need to be more aggressive. So this was really good news.

2. There were no blasts found in his cerebrospinal fluid from Friday during his emergency surgery. Simply put: He had a spinal tap and there is no evidence of cancer in his spinal fluid. Yes. I cried (again) finding this out today. This was amazingly great news.

Harvey continues to be a trooper, wrestling with the hard emotions caused by the experience (and an overabundance of steroids in his system). He has a diminished appetite at the moment, but nothing too concerning right now. He is comfortably laying in bed drifting to sleep right now. Another day down. Keep stacking them up, little man. Your best days are ahead.

I was able to sneak away around 3:30 pm to run a few errands, and go spend some quality time with Hattie and Henry at our house. I picked up the biggest frosted cupcake I could find and some colored daisies for Hattie, and a large bag of Cool Ranch Doritos for Henry. My heart was full seeing their reactions as I arrived back home.

Harvey has been asking for cupcakes today, and they are now waiting on the table for him. They’ll be a good surprise to start off our Tuesday.

Here’s to another great day tomorrow – Goodnight! šŸŒ™

Harvey lounging in his fire truck pajamas this morning
Hattie showing off her triple layer frosting cupcake & daisies
The very moment Henry realizes dad is home and right behind him

3:30 pm: It has turned into quite a whirlwind of a day with many new faces of Harvey’s care team dropping in, researching more about the logistics of insurance & billing, trying to give Harvey the attention he needs but claims he doesn’t want (his steroids are making him agitated with us more and more), and keeping my own emotions in check. The only thing that really matters that I’ve heard today: His body is responding. The treatment is working in these first stages. I’ll elaborate a bit more in an upcoming update. It’s been a good day! I’m heading home to give some love to Hattie and Henry now. šŸ™‚

8:30 am: I’ve captured a bit of Harvey’s energy this morning in video format. šŸ™‚

5:10 am: Good morning and a belated happy Spring! Winter silently made its exit while we were preoccupied. Overnight, Harvey slept soundly for at least 4 hours. He’s up and at ’em, having deep discussions about the trains we’re watching together on YouTube. His SpO2 levels have improved a bit, which may be the result of a few rounds of antibiotics. Positive news combined with hours of sleep are setting the stage for a better Day 3.


  1. This is GREAT news! Harvey is strong, he may look like a little acorn, but he is strong like a mighty Oak Tree! We continue to pray for you all. Please give Lindsey a big hug for me and have her give you one right back! Tears of JOY!!! Thanks for the up dates.

    1. Hey Joe, firstly hugs to you and your family. Good to know he is doing better. Harvey will get over this and come home with smiles. Will keep him, your family in thoughts and prayers.

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