Day 7 – March 25, 2022

6:50 pm: So thankful that Lindsey is able to return home this evening and spend time with Hattie & Henry. I hope she’s able to stay at our home tonight and get a good night of restful sleep. If you’re reading this, Lindsey, please get some sleep! Harvey and I are holding down the fort just fine. 🙂

Mom showering Harvey with love before returning home for the evening.

Harvey has enjoyed many parts of his Friday, filled with new toys, making music, and being off food restrictions (ate a big lunch!) after his morning procedure. He is now becoming quite nauseated again and feels “just yucky.” I’m going to log off for tonight to cuddle and care for him. I’ll leave you with a few pictures and videos from today. Here’s to a restful, healing night.

After having food restrictions lifted, the feast ensued. I call it “Give me all the carbs!”
This guy. This guy knows how to tell great jokes!

4:15 pm: Harvey is currently sleeping while his next dose of chemotherapy is being hung and readied to administer. I feel all the same emotions watching this treatment being started on my little man as I did with his previous treatments. It really does still feel like a bad dream. I can’t help but sit next to him and run my fingers through his beautiful head of hair. I’m really going to miss this bed head look he’s been rocking.

Sound asleep for this round of chemotherapy.
Sweet dreams, little man.

3:50 pm: After lunch, Harvey was lounging in bed not far from dozing off. His eye caught a glimpse of a big, blue bag being brought into our room. Hello again, my energetic child! He is loving his surprises and care packages, and we are so, so incredibly grateful for all the love and support you’ve shown us. We’ve had some tough moments in this very room. But we’re also having some wonderful moments together here. This is one of those wonderful moments. Thank you so much, Jessica Bossman & family – What a great surprise!!

The look of a happy boy sending Blippi to the moon in his new rocket. ❤️

12:35 pm: Harvey is out of the operating room and just arrived back to his hospital room. He’s doing well and remains ravenous! We just placed his lunch order of penne noodles with alfredo sauce, mac & cheese, buttered toast, scrambled eggs, string cheese, and grape juice. I’d offer up leftovers, but I truly believe he’s hungry enough to eat it all! He will begin another dose of chemotherapy in the next few hours.

Thank you so much to everyone for all the support we’ve received! Hattie & Henry have been with my parents, grandma Lisa & grandpa Dale, for the past week. When Harvey was diagnosed last week, my mom and dad jumped in the car, drove straight to our home in the twin cities from Cavalier, ND, and have been doing everything for and with our 6-year-olds since. We couldn’t have done this without your help! So many of you to thank – this is the start!

Hattie & Henry with grandpa Dale & grandma Lisa Goldade

11:35 am: We’ve been spending all our time this morning entertaining Harvey. He won’t be allowed to eat or drink until after his procedure this morning, and he’s not happy about it. He is now in the O.R. and I’ll have more updates shortly.

Prepping to leave for the O.R.: Learning about the sedation mask
The wagon ride to the operating room
Our sedated Harvey getting a kiss from mom before his procedure

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