Day 14 – April 1, 2022

1:30 pm: I’m spending the day with Hattie & Henry, so there may be a gap in updates today. I checked in with Lindsey and Harvey a little after noon: He is having a rough day with intermittent vomiting. This morning, he had an x-ray of his stomach to hopefully help determine why it is so distended. We found out that he should’ve received a total of 28 steroid doses throughout the past two weeks, but only has received 27. So I’m hopeful today is the real last day of steroids for him.

Back at home, Hattie and Henry couldn’t be happier, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen our house so in order! (That’s my fault… Thank you so much, Cindy!) Hattie even had her hair done today – very cute! We are about to run errands, including a haircut for Henry and a new bike for Hattie (we’ve been promising her one!). I’ll post more updates from the hospital when I have them today. Grateful to be spending some quality time with the twins. ❤️

Hattie & Henry lovin’ up on Dad at home this morning.

7:00 am: We welcome April with open arms and try to forget the nightmare that was March 2022. We wrapped up the final day of the month by reading a book called “Chemo Crusader and the Cancer Fighting Crew.” Lindsey put extra emphasis on the part of the story that describes the effects of chemotherapy and hair loss, which Harvey is beginning to experience. Harvey was intrigued, even sporting a smile at the thought of it. I’m hoping he takes it well. I am going to deeply miss seeing him without his stylish hairdos for a while.

Harvey begins another round of chemotherapy this morning. I’m expecting all the same side effects to reappear, and he’ll likely be out of energy for a few days to come. We’ll keep the site updated with how he’s progressing and any new information we learn from his care team today.

Mom reading “Chemo Crusader and the Cancer Fighting Crew.”

I’ll be heading back home shortly to relieve our family friend and care provider, Cindy Bisbey, who spent this past week with our twins. (Thank you so much, Bisbey family, for taking care of Hattie & Henry – We wish you rest and recovery!) We are so grateful for the help we’ve received and continue to receive while Harvey receives treatment here at the hospital. I’m so excited to see Hat & Hen this morning and to spend the day with them. We have more family arriving later tonight to watch them for the upcoming weekend and next week.

I finally caved and bought our kids a dog. It’s going to be a HUGE surprise! I’ll be heading out later today with the twins to pick him up and bring him to his new home. Oh, and happy April fools’ day to my wife, who is likely reading this after I’ve left for the day. I wish I could’ve seen your face when you read the prior sentences. Love you! 😉 (And no, we didn’t get a dog. …yet.)

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