Day 41 – April 28, 2022

7:00 pm: We are now 3 days into Harvey’s consolidation phase of cancer treatment. He is receiving 3 different chemotherapy medicines per day (consisting of 9 pills and 1 infusion) as well as medicine for nausea and elevated blood pressure. With the help of a daily in-home nurse visit, this full gamut of medications can be given right at home. As you may have guessed, Harvey has been enjoying the lack of daily trips to the clinic! He’ll return next Tuesday for a spinal tap with chemotherapy administered intrathecally. His appetite and energy continue to wax and wane. Thankfully he hasn’t experienced much nausea over the past few days. This stage of treatment is typically where appetite decreases and weight is lost, so we’re cautiously optimistic at this point. I can’t praise our brave boy enough for being able to swallow whole pills! I believe this has made a big difference for him since crushing pills was problematic and horrible tasting.

We’ve been getting outside with Harvey a lot as our weather has turned (a bit) nicer. He’s enjoyed playing on his backyard swing set and going for walks in our neighborhood. Although he’s happy to be home with his siblings again, he brings up the fact that he misses school frequently. Even though some aspects of our lives are trending toward normal, I’m often reminded of how far removed we are from the life we had just 6 weeks ago. As I’ve tried to comfort Harvey with promising words of a better future ahead, he comforts us right back. “Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll go back to school when all the cancer is gone from my bones.” He knows exactly his diagnoses, understands the problem, and clearly shares his thoughts on it. I’ve never felt so heartbroken and proud all in a single moment. Hattie, who also has a firm understanding of the situation, has also shared some deep thoughts with me. While rocking together before bedtime, she asked me, “Do I have to leave for college alone? Because I’d really like to bring Harvey with me.” ❤️ We have 12 years to figure this all out.

On our minds and in our hearts right now is this: We want Harvey to remain free of viral and bacterial illness/infection and not have adverse side-effects/reactions to chemotherapy during this consolidation phase. Above all, we await the moment in time that our boy is MRD negative and is in remission. We are so incredibly thankful for the quiet beginning we’ve had to this next round of treatment. Thank you for all the thoughts and love you’ve sent Harvey’s direction!

An afternoon nap within a big blue car bed.
Harvey readying cargo for his engine on “the main line.”
Playing outside in the backyard.


  1. Wishing you moments of peace and joy. We think of you often and wish there was more we could to share your load. 🌷


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