Day 134 – July 30, 2022

7:45 pm: Harvey’s current hospital stay is coming to an end! We’re preparing to get discharged in the next few hours. His body has been clearing the high-dose chemotherapy (methotrexate) nicely. He did have a few rounds of vomiting and was a bit reluctant to eat, but both symptoms are considered standard side effects. I want to share one of my favorite moments during our past 3 days in the hospital. Harv absolutely loves the live call-in bingo and joke show here at Children’s Minnesota Hospital on their Star Studio channel. Although he didn’t get a bingo this time, he certainly told two award-winning jokes. (The Dude himself delivered his bag of toys and had a laugh about his improvised comedy.) 🙂

In the moment, Harvey realized he meant to say “a stick!” instead of “a tree!” Therefore, he immediately followed up with another joke. An original joke! I love this kid so much! For now, back to preparations for discharge. We’re excited to head back home and sleep in our own beds tonight! Thanks for checking in on our heroic comedian. ❤️

The master of jokes laughing at his human-looking pig art project.

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