Day 61 – May 18, 2022

10:00 pm: Harvey is sleeping peacefully in his hospital bed after a (mostly) quiet Wednesday. The worst part of his day was when they accessed his port. They stick a 22 gauge needle through his skin and into his port. It hurts. 🙁 He dislikes it to the point that he asks me every morning after waking up at home, “Do we have to go to the clinic today?” I unintentionally lied to him today, not knowing we’d be here tonight. My poor boy.

Having supper & settling into the hospital room.

After his pokes were finished, it was encouraging to see him not despise being back in the hospital. He was asking for toys and activities that kept him occupied during our nearly one-month stay here previously. He rode the tricycle through the hallway, checked the snack drawers for his favorites, watched a thunderstorm move through downtown Minneapolis, played a game of Uno, and watched a movie all before bedtime.

Tomorrow we should know more about what caused Harvey’s fever today after his blood culture returns. His temperature has since come down to 99.5º F. after peaking around 102º F. There are a few things that will need to occur before he can return home again. 1) His ANC levels will need to remain stable/begin to rise, which will indicate his immune system is recovering. 2) No more fevers for at least 24 hours. 3) His hemoglobin levels need to rise or he’ll need a transfusion. These are are main items on our punch list over the next few days. Even within the confines of the hospital, know that Harvey remains active, healthy, and happy at the moment. More updates to come tomorrow. Good night!

Watching a thunderstorm pass through the twin cities.
Movie night!

6:35 pm: Has anyone seen Harvey? (We know how to pass time in a hospital setting!)

5:50 pm: Harvey is being admitted to the hospital based on his lab results showing a much weakened immune system. His hemoglobin has also dropped and he may need a transfusion soon. They will monitor him for other symptoms and want to determine what is causing his fever. He’s been a tough, brave boy again today. We were hoping for a quiet week off before his next round of consolidation-phase chemotherapy starts next Tuesday. (However, if his immune system hasn’t recovered by then, this next round will be delayed.) He’s annoyed to not be going home tonight, but seems much more comfortable knowing what comes next. The last time we were in this very same emergency room, his whole world forever changed. This visit seems to feel more familiar and predictable for him.

4:30 pm: We’re back in the emergency room. Harvey had a fever of 101.7° F. this afternoon and we are currently at getting his blood tested for infection and receiving an antibiotic. (Protocol for pediatric cancer patients is to seek medical attention for fevers of 101.5° F or higher.) He has otherwise been active and playful today. I’ll share more information as we receive results and learn more.

Harvey arriving at the emergency room.
Laying in bed receiving an antibiotic via port.

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