Day 62 – May 19, 2022

1:55 pm: Boring is never a word we use much in our family. Today is a perfect case in point. Harvey and I (dad) are camping out in our hospital room, passing the time as we wait for his blood cultures to return and ANC levels to rise. He received a blood transfusion this morning due to low hemoglobin levels from his latest blood draw. He is currently sleeping, but a COVID test awaits him when he wakes up. Ah, yes. COVID swabs. I’ll take “things my kids hate” for $200, Alex. The reason he needs a COVID test is the next part of my story… Otherwise, here at the hospital, Harvey is doing well but missing home.

Train time while receiving a blood transfusion.

Some 20 miles north of the hospital, Lindsey is with our twins playing lone caregiver. To ensure her day isn’t too easy, the check engine light in our van turned on. No problem. She made plans to take the van to the shop for service after dropping the kids off at school. Enter COVID stage right. Lindsey received a call from the twins’ school that many teachers have COVID and that we need to come pick them up. Both kids had direct COVID exposure, which will add another level of fun at home with Harvey and masking protocols. Ugh. Grandma Lisa saved the day, showing up in a working vehicle to pick up Lindsey from the auto shop and the twins from school. We’ll part with a chunk of cash, but will likely get the van back home in a few hours.

I truly feel that this is all the fault of Lindsey and I. We attempted to make some very small plans for today, our 10th wedding anniversary. And making plans in this family always tends to light the fuse for chaos. I’m not even sure we’re fazed by chaos anymore! It’s truly become “Jesus take the wheel” around here. But just make sure it’s not the wheel of a gray, Toyota Sienna van! (I’m laughing as I’m typing this, by the way!) To my wonderful wife: Happy 10th anniversary! We all love you so much and couldn’t do this without you. I got you a new oil control valve installed in the van. It’s what you’ve always wanted! To all our friends and family: Thank you for keeping Harvey and our family in your thoughts. We hope things trend upwards over the next few days and are hopeful we can return home soon. But we dare not make plans to return home… 🙂

Thanks for checking in on us! Updates to come as we get more information.

Harvey taking an after lunch nap.
A younger, more rested couple from 10 years ago.


  1. Per google – The decade-long anniversary gift is traditionally tin or aluminum, which symbolize the strength and resilience of your marriage. So you were right on trend.

  2. Thank God you all have a sense of humor! Happy 10th anniversary, all our love is with you and family💕


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