Day 120 – July 16, 2022

3:15 pm: Harvey’s third (and second) day in the hospital have been quiet and all is well. The boy is happy, entertained, and having no side effects (except frequent trips to the bathroom from all the chemotherapy and liquids being pushed into his port). He finished his high dose methotrexate infusion at 3 pm yesterday and his body has been clearing it out nicely since. The goal for each high dose methotrexate infusion is to push chemotherapy through his body for 22 hours, then flush it all back out. Once enough chemotherapy has been flushed out, he’s allowed to leave the hospital. The magic number to be discharged is 0.4 mcmol/L (or less) of methotrexate detected in his blood. His next sample will be taken at 4 pm, but his morning sample was already at 0.4 exactly, so it’s very likely he’ll be out of here late tonight after 8 pm or early tomorrow morning. He’ll have 3 more of these treatments with hospital admissions over the next 6 weeks, and we’re so relieved this first one kicked off without a hitch.

Harv will have some form of chemotherapy nearly every day over the next 60 days. Thankfully, the majority of his daily chemotherapy will be taken orally at home (except for the 3 hospital admissions). His bone marrow samples have been sent to Seattle, WA for MRD (minimal residual disease) testing and we anxiously await the results to find out if he’s in remission or not. These results will likely be our next big update and we’ll post new information as soon as we receive it. For now, we anticipate some quiet and (somewhat) restful days back at home. Thank you so much for the continued love & support! We share all your messages with Harvey and reading them together has become part of his bedtime routine. ❤️

Wearing a smile while receiving fluids & waiting for breakfast.


  1. Great to hear he will be soon back home! So, so happy and grateful for peaceful days and seeing Harvey’s energy and sense of humor remaining strong! Love to you all 💕

  2. We live in Burlington, ND. My sister and my husband’s brother graduated with your mom, Lisa.
    My husband and I graduated with Chuck. I feel like we know you because of this.
    We are praying for you all. My Bible Study ladies have you on our prayer list, too.
    God bless you all.
    Jacki Haider

  3. So glad to see Harvey up and smiling. Praying for good results. Sending prayers and love your way!!!!❤ God Bless to all.!!!!


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