Day 123 – July 19th, 2022

11:10 am: At 10:15 am, we received the call that we’ve been anticipating since Harvey’s leukemia diagnosis on March 18th: Harvey’s bone marrow is MRD negative. He is in remission!! I don’t have words to describe the emotions provoking the tears flooding my eyes right now. For the past 123 days, we weren’t sure if we’d ever hear these words. There is so much unknown about his type of leukemia (Philadelphia-like b cell ALL) and the gene mutations involved. What we did know is that treatment is often less effective and the overall prognosis is poor. Harvey still has a very long road ahead of him with cancer treatment. But today is a very, very good day – The best we’ve had in months. Our little boy has no detectable cancer in his body! We’ll be offline celebrating today, but will share more details in the coming days. Thank you so much for your love and support! It’s made all the difference.

Wrapped up in a blanket moments before learning the great news.
Harvey’s reaction as he learns about his bone marrow results. ❤️


  1. Yay Harvey! So glad to hear you are in remission! You are such a super hero! You should for sure wear a cape today! So happy for you guys! 🤗

  2. Such wonderful news! Tears of joy for you…Harvey, you’re a strong and brave little guy. Continued prayers❤️❤️

  3. Harvey, you are so strong and brave! Remission achieved! Your remission is at the top of my list for today’s gratitude meditation! Woohoo!


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