Day 314 – January 26, 2023

2:45 pm: Today marks the beginning of another chapter for Harvey in his cancer fight. The last stage of planned cancer treatment, maintenance, started this morning at 7:45. (Mom is with Harvey at the cancer clinic as I type this.) This stage will be the longest by far, spanning at least 2.5 years and is expected to conclude in the middle of 2025. He’s completed 6 out of the 7 treatment stages over the past 10 months and has 30 months of maintenance to go. Concisely, he’s 25% done with cancer treatment. I’m reluctant to say only 25% to remain optimistic, but the reality is that maintenance has us feeling uneasy. Up until now, his body has been hit with cocktails of chemo and medications over shorter periods of time. Steroids for a few weeks here. Rylaze for a few weeks there. Intermittent doses of mercaptopurine (also called 6-MP). That all changes for the next 30 months beginning today. Harv will now have 6-MP every single day until the end of treatment. No planned breaks. And with possible side effects including liver injury, we’re anxious at best. His 6-MP will also be combined with intermittent doses of the steroid prednisone every single month, which will likely cause weight gain and irritability. Vincristine is also a part of the maintenance regimen, which previously induced serious side effects for him including neuropathy in his feet and very tight leg muscles (he wears uncomfortable leg braces to help with this). He’ll continue receiving his research study drug, ruxolitinib, and also methotrexate orally and intrathecally (he HATES how the “sleeping medicine,” propofol, makes him feel during this procedure). So even though he’s arrived at the last stage of treatment, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. But we’re so thankful for the progress he’s made and are incredibly proud of our cancer fighter! As of 9:45 a.m. he’s awake from his morning procedure but feeling pretty rough (especially nauseous).

Harvey’s medical menu today. First day of maintenance.
Asleep (from propofol) for his intrathecal procedure.
Harvey called on FaceTime at 9:45 a.m. to let me know he’s not feeling well. 🙁

Harvey’s hemoglobin has been running low from the last rounds of chemo, but not quite low enough for a blood transfusion. He’s therefore been fairly low-energy for the past two weeks, taking plenty of naps during the day. He’s tired, but healthy. COVID and the flu are spreading rampantly in the community, but thankfully we’ve all remained healthy. <knocking on wood while wearing masks> Since our last update, I (dad) was able to spend some quality time with Hattie & Henry last weekend at a winter camp that featured snow tubing, arts & crafts, sleigh rides, and plenty of indoor activities in their recreation center. Hattie has no fear and spent copious of time on the rock climbing wall and speeding down the biggest sledding hills they had to offer. The best part of our getaway was meeting up with close family friends that we haven’t seen in over a year! It was so fun to catch up with Tony & Ashley while Hattie and Henry played with their friends Lydia, Cole, and Grant. On Tuesday, Henry and I traveled to Rochester for an appointment which was a good reason to get a hotel room and go swimming. The kid spent hours in the pool and it was actually hard to wake him up the next morning to leave! Hattie continues to hit the ice for hockey practices and games regularly – She absolutely loves hockey. While this January isn’t likely as exciting as our January 2022 (if you ask our kids), Lindsey and I are trying to be more intentional about spending one-on-one time with our twins and getting out of the house with them more often. Everything they knew abruptly changed forever on March, 18th 2022 and they lost so much of the attention we were able to once give them.

That’s our update on day 314. Thank you so much for your continued love & support! We have so much to be grateful for and, while we don’t want to wish the time away, we long for post cancer treatment days. There’s still a long way to go, but it feels good to say “Harvey is in the last stage of cancer treatment” even if it is the longest stage.

Harvey hanging out in his conductor hat.
Who likes sprinkle donuts? This guy!
Harv gets tired easily – A lot of sleeping the past 2 weeks.
A swimming party with our family friends, The Bisbeys!
Hattie channeling her inner monkey on the rock climbing wall.
Henry excited to be outside and riding a tube.
Hattie & Grant preparing for a downhill race.
Hattie hanging out with her friends Grant, Lydia, and Cole (L to R).
Henry + pool with a slide = happiness.
Back on ice for hockey practice Wednesday evening.
On the ice she goes by “Goal-dade.”
Hattie & Henry dressed up for their school winter concert.
Harvey’s updated steposcope roadmap.


  1. Great to see the kids having fun. Happy to see Harvey entering the last leg of treatment and praying things continue to go well. You parents are doing a marvelous job as the pictures attest to this fact. Hugs and kisses from Grandma 👵 and grandpa in AZ

  2. Good news that the final stage has arrived, wishing it was over for you all. Great to see the kiddos doing what they love to do and happy everyone is staying healthy. We love you guys, thinking of and praying for you all continually💕. Grandpa and Grandma Goldade

  3. Thanks for the great update on our journey! One day at a time,. Right? My love to you all! Great Grannylu!!

  4. Continued prayers for Harvey as he fights through this long, exhausting journey. Hope this last stage flies by even if time already goes so fast as little ones grow. You all deserve to get back to quality time with family and friends. That’s great the twins got in on some fun and Hattie’s hockey name is perfect! Prayers to all!❤️

  5. Praise GOD last stage, Sad it’s so long. Sending prayers always. Gabriel and I think of Harvey G. daily asking GOD to heal him and get him through this . I’m a cancer survivor, I can’t imagine children going through pain and suffering.

  6. We just know one day things will be back to normal. He’s a little fighter that kid so I know he will pull through glad the other two got to have
    some fun. Also I know it must be frustrating at times for the Littles but the will be stronger for it as always sending love and prayers 💜🙏

  7. So glad to hear the some of the worse is over.Strong little man!!!Glad Hattie and Henry had some special time!! Continue sending prayers and love your way!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!❤

  8. So glad to hear that some of the harsh treatments are over also glad to see that Haiti and Henry got to have a little play time to stay strong little warrior sending love and prayers your way.❤❤❤❤ God Bless!!!!

  9. Hi Harvey!

    You are such a super hero! I’m amazed by you! I’m am constantly praying for you guys. You are such a beautiful family. You’ve all got this!

    Ms. Pam


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